What I do?

I’m a full-stack developer, primarily working at Sudodevs Ventures LLP.

Something about me:

My laziness allows me to derive solutions which require the least amount of work thus making me a more creative and quick thinker. I’m always looking forward to undertaking new challenges of all kinds. Apart from programming, I doodle quite often; am a casual gamer and often enjoy my time inside the pool relaxing after a long day; and sometimes listening to music in some cold dark corner of my room away from light and noise.

My Skills:

I am an intermediate programmer who started with Python after giving up on C++, can do the following:

  • ✅ Python
  • ✅ HTML5
  • ✅ CSS3
  • ✅ Machine Learning / A.I
  • ✅ Kotlin
  • ✅ Dart
  • ✅ Java
  • ✅ C/C++
  • ✅ Shell Scripting
  • ✅ JavaScript/TypeScript (Server Side)