Configuring VSCode For Flutter Developers


Sometimes, the questions are complicated - and the answers are simple.
-L Lawliet, Death Note

Plan to brew some MAGICAL potions

The header up top already sounds absurd so I’mma jump right to the topic to make this blog post less awkward. So today we will be taking a look at how I (and everyone else should) setup Visual Studio Code aka VSCode to work hand in hand with Flutter.

Pre-brewing procedure

I know this may seem out of topic when concerned with this blog post, but hey if anyone out there with similar taste in VSCode appearance then this may work for them as well

drum roll… and the Result!

Bright Colors over dark background really looks good!


Extensions specific to Flutter

Other nifty extensions


All the above-mentioned extensions can be installed from the VSCode Marketplace from within VSCode only. After installing these I can guarantee* you will have a great time building your apps! Happy coding!~

(I have linked every extension with it’s respective Git Repository, feel free to explore the repos and PR them if you can :P)